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Door Panels

If you are considering replacing your existing doors you'll probably be looking at a range of options.

Our doors are available in a variety of styles, all offering the advantages of extra warmth and comfort in your home, along with longer lasting performance.

Next to windows, the style and condition of the front door is the key factor which gives a home its character and personality. There's no doubt a new door can give any house a dramatic and immediate face-lift.

Front, back and internal doors take a lot of abuse. In addition to daily wear and tear, they have to be strong enough to withstand slamming (deliberate or accidental!), children swinging on handles or kicking footballs and the exuberance of the family dog.

Our doors incorporate a number of features to help increase the security of your home and are designed to accommodate a wide range of modern, multi-point locking mechanisms.

The doors come in white UPVC, Woodgrain and Wood / Timber and there are over 200 original designs. Please select from:

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